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Never miss a thing

Census gives you transparency into what's happening with your data with features like alerting and detailed logging, so you're never caught off guard.

"Census can tell me exactly what might be wrong. It could be a Salesforce trigger or not having permission to a certain field. With all that information and all those records, specific details are captured in Census, which means it's easier to go and troubleshoot that data."
Saurabh Kapadia
Lead Salesforce Architect

Live API Inspector helps you easily debug if something goes wrong

Get row-level visibility into the API calls Census makes to the destination service to sync your data, so you can track and fix errors as they happen in real time.

Set up configurable alerts

Set-up alerts for not just failed syncs, but syncs with invalid source records or records rejected by the destination. You can also configure thresholds for alerts so you don’t have to deal with alert fatigue.

Read our docs on alerts

Integrates with your existing alerting solutions

Easily set up integrations with tools like Slack, PagerDuty and OpsGenie so you get alerts in a single place.

The ultimate guide for evaluating reverse ETL tools

Looking to learn more about Observability and other key features of a reverse ETL tool? Find an in-depth description of what to look out for in this evaluation guide.

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What is operational analytics?

Operational analytics drives action by automatically delivering real-time data to the exact place it’ll be most useful.

What is Reverse ETL?

The reverse ETL process makes it possible to move your data from your warehouse into the 3rd-party systems you rely on.

Start small when building the modern data stack

You don’t need to have to full MDS to start getting more out of your data. Here’s where to start.

From your data warehouse to your favorite apps. Without code or engineers.

Start using Census today by booking a demo with one of our experts.