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Sync yourself some swag!

Today, SQL is more than just a query language, it’s the language you can use to share data-driven ideas across your whole business. With Census, you can use SQL to send data into any tool you want—from Airtable to Zendesk and beyond.

To show you what we mean, we want to sync you some swag. All you have to do is write the query to tell us where to send the goods.

Ready for a free shirt?
“Shirt style” as Style,

SELECT your style

Celebrate your SQL skills in style with a shirt that says, “SQL is cool, and if you understand this shirt, so are you.” Choose from one of these two styles by editing the style variable in your SQL query.

Start your sync

You’re just four steps away from syncing your SQL swag to your door.


Get your free Census account

There’s only one way to write SQL and get swag: Census. Get started with your free account today.


Set up the destination

Census syncs data from where it’s stored to the destination of your choice. To sync your swag, you’ll setup the Sync-a-Swag destination.


Write your SQL query

SELECT the fit, style, and the postal address where you want your swag to go.


Sync your swag!

SELECT the fit, style, and the postal address where you want to send your swag to.           

Get started!

Get your free shirt with your free Census account. When you wear it, you’ll know that you're in with the likes of data visionaries at Notion, Mode, Canva, and Loom.